Internet Lessons

LESSON 01: Emails and passwords

  1. Introduction about emails and where the name comes from
  2. Log into your email accounts at
  3. First task is to change your password to something difficult to hack
    1. Learn How to choose a good password
    2. Change your email password
  4. Second task is to send an email to your teacher
    1. Write a short 50 word introduction about yourselves. Use the website
    2. In Gmail, click on “compose” and then fill in the fields “To”, “Subject” and then the message.
    3. The “subject” field should be student number, your nickname and the title “All About Me”. For example “07 Mikki – All About Me”.
    4. Copy and paste your story into the email.
    5. Press send

LESSON 02: Emails and google search

  1. Review how to type a website address in the address bar
  2. Review how to copy and paste
  3. Log into your email at
  4. Open
  5. Answer the following questions using google. Copy and paste the questions to save you time
    1. What is the temperature in London today?
    2. How far is Bangkok to New York?
    3. What is 30 Celsius in Fahrenheit?
    4. What is the population of America?
    5. Who was the sixth president of the United States?
  6. Send the answers to your teachers and
  7. Subject line: 07 Mikki – Google Answers
  8. Press send