November 2011 – February 2012

Teachers Meghan, Zachary and Zuri

Meghan: Sriwittayapaknam is a very generous and fun school to work at. I’ve had so much fun teaching the students and I am going to miss them.

Zachary: I’ve enjoyed working at Sriwittayapaknam school. It is a fantastic place for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Zuri: Sriwittayapaknam is a lovely school. The children are smart, polite, and very well behaved. I love that the school incorporates Thai traditions and culture.

Teachers Meghan, Zuri, Alyssa, Briton (Kai), Paul and Zachary
Teachers Alyssa, Briton (Kai), Zuri and Meghan
Teachers Alyssa and Meghan dressed as cheer leaders at Sports Day
Teacher Zach with his Primary 3 students
Teacher Briton (Kai)
Teachers Meghan and Alyssa at the New Year’s Party.

November 2010 – February 2011


Teachers Steve, Marianne, Kelley and Briton (Kai)

Briton: Sriwittayapaknam School has been one of the most fun, elightening experiences of my life. I could not have hoped for a better school to teach at, or more helpful, accepting people as hosts while I am abroad.

Marianne: I was so excited when I first arrived at school because everyone was so friendly. The students are so smart and I look forward to seeing their faces every day.

Teachers Briton (Kai), Marianne, Steve and Kelley with the principal.

Kelley: Sriwittayapaknam has been an amazing school to teach at and has been so kind and welcoming to us. I have enjoyed teaching my students so much.

Steve: Sriwittayapaknam School is a perfect place to learn. It is like one big family learning and playing together. The students are eager to learn and are full of energy in the classroom.