My Family Trip

My Father
My Mother and My Yonger Brother

I went to Taiwan on the 4th November, 2017. My mother, me, and my younger brother took a plane. In Taiwan it was 18c ํ. Sunday – Monday. My family went to Alisan. My family took a train through the mountains which were foggy. We slept at Alisan for one night. and went back to Taipai. Tuesday My father went to work. My younger brother, my mother, and I went to the fish market for very big crab and lobster. Wednesday – Thursday we took a tour. And Friday we went to Sun – Moon lake we rode a bike, ate ice-cream, took a boat, took a Ferris wheel and went back to Taipai to go up to 101 office. It is the highest office tn Taiwan. Saturday we went back to Thailand, except my father because he had work to do in Taiwan.