May – September 2015

Teachers Jasmine, Alex and Amy

Jasmine: Sriwittayapaknam is a beautiful school filled with wonderful teachers, students, and staff. The school takes pride in being the best and that is something I very much like.

Alex: Sriwittayapaknam is one of the greatest schools I have ever seen. The emphasis always being on the students, the school constantly shows how much love and desire to make the kids great it is.

Teachers Paul, Alex, Jasmine, Tiffany, Amy, Bikna, Kerrie and Binta.
Teachers Amy, Alex and Jasmine at the Khao Phansa parade
Teachers Paul, Kerrie, Alex, Jasmine, Tiffany, Bikna and Binta
Teachers Bikna and Kerrie with the principal and director on their last day of school

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