November 2014 – February 2015

Teachers Blair, Kerri, Binta and Kerrie with the principal

Binta: It is a wonderful school with wonderful students. The teachers are very helpful and work very hard to provide a great learning environment.

Kerrie: Wonderful school. Very organized and the students are dedicated to the school.

Teachers Kerri and Blair on front gate duty

Kerri: I love Sriwittayapaknam school. Everyone is incredibly helpful and accommodating. Not to mention extremely nice. The students are so nice and respectful. I could not be happier with this school.

Blair: Such a great school. The teachers are all very nice and friendly. The students are bright and willing to learn. I feel well respected and appreciated by all.

Teachers Blair, Danielle, Kerri and Binta
Teachers Danielle, Kerrie and Tiffany
Teachers Kerri, Binta, Blair, Bikna, Kerrie, Danielle and Tiffany with the principal

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